Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rainy Days and Sundays Always....

What do you do when it rains for days on end?  
What do you do when it rains for days and days and you are at the cottage?
What do you do when it rains and you don't have kids anymore to you take outside in any weather, just for distraction?

Well, there's the computer, the television, books, cookies and cider, jigsaw puzzles, solitaire, popcorn and the movies.  None of those things is keeping me terribly enthralled.  

Ta Da!
I'm quilting up a storm, all by myself.

This machine belonged to my friend Lesley, who lost her battle with breast cancer two summers ago.  As  things come together, one piece at a time, Lesley and I have been having a lovely-rainy-day chat.  She keeps telling me to get out on my bike and ignore the weather.

Do you hear the driving shuttle of the sewing machine, the hiss and spit of the steam iron, the clap and snap of a shaken out yardage?
It's storming in here!

This king-size quilt top has to be finished to a point where I can transport it by Wednesday.  Right now, it is a cazillion pieces, organized by colour and design, laying on the bed.

There's another two days of drips in the forecast.
I know what I'll be doing with myself--how about you?

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