Thursday, November 12, 2009

Welcome to the Bahamas.

Flew in on West Jet's new direct flight from Toronto. Greeted by steel bands and friendly faces everywhere. New connections are a very big deal these days. Tourism is the only thing holding this country together right now, and that is by a ravelling thread as it is. The economic downturn has really hurt the Bahamas for the past 2 years and there is no relief in sight yet, they say.

The 34th anniversary of our Bahamian honeymoon was November 8th, and what better way to celebrate it than spend a week in Freeport, Grand Bahama? We took a suite at Pelican Bay Resort. Truly lovely. Now, between you and me, I am not 100% sure we would have had a whole week here just for our anniversary, because we are actually here to meet up with and retreive our boat from DockWise Transports. But we did have four whole days to play until the scheduled beach, pool, coconut rum.

Have you ever done the "Please-Let-Us-Tell-You-About-Our-Timeshare" thing? We never had, but the incentives were too good to pass up. 2 free bottles of rum, 4 tee shirts, and TWO DAYS OF FREE CAR USE. Boy, did we ever make use of that car...and we lived to tell about it. It's not every day I use round-abouts. One tends to get out of practice.

Next blog will tell all about Steadfast's crossing. Stay turned.

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