Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Dust Settles

 Hubby and I flew out west for five days of whirlwind holidaying.

There were parties...

Beef Wellington presented by the hostess-with-the-mostest:  Kiki the Wonderful!

Special treats...

Modelling new clothes, sort of...

Presents to open., but when you are only 8 months old, it's hard to know what's the most important part to focus on....

Then there's the assembly of the new toys.

When Papa Buz was asked what age level that toy was for, he answered, "Over 50!"

Everyone agreed that toys that didn't require assembly were the best of the day.

By the time the turkey was ready, the lamb roast was BBQ'd and the table was set, the feasters were drooling!

 It was -26 C outside, but the crew insists on using the BBQ all year round.  Dressed in his island shirt, the Chef was trying to convince himself he wouldn't freeze if he drank enough hot apple cider laced with spiced rum.  His forays outside to baste the roast were lightning quick and few and far between.

For all the hype, excitement and expectation, it sure didn't last long.  We're home again, with a few uninvited tag alongs...a head cold, sinus infections and more snow!!!  Good thing I didn't give away my  snow boots when I was out west.  Who knew I'd need them here in Southern Ontario where it almost never snows in December???

It may be snowing and blowing outside, but things are quiet here inside. We are getting set to head to the boat!!!  Yeehaw!  Steadfast, here we come.  I will sign off for 2012 and wish you all the very best for 2013.  Many blessings to you and your families as we move forward, living lives that will count for eternity.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Six More Sleeps

With less than a week until the BIG DAY and only four more days until we head out west again for the holiday, things are getting a little hectic around here.  Hubby spent the weekend calling up the Grands long distance, impersonating Jolly St. Nick and getting everybody in a tizzy.  The six year old is still trying to figure it all out.  The four year old jumped up and down circles in over-the-top excitement--he could hardly hold the phone!  The three year old just wanted to make sure Santa got it very clear:  EXCAVATOR is what I want, what my baby brother wants and what my mother wants too.  WE WANT AN EXCAVATOR!!!

Grandpa came back to reality today as we drove for two hours to the big city for the annual review with the bank.   Early morning rush hour traffic and bankers will do that to a body.  I always feel like a country bumpkin when engulfed by crowds of high fashion, tech-savy, city dwellers on the move.  Grandpa had to hurry me along as I stopped to oooo and ahhhh over the decorations, both inside and outdoors.  I have already begun to play with my new Christmas present--a 50mm prime lens 1.8  Yes, it's early, but I will still be in love with it next week and can capture the BIG DAY and party life from now till then in good fashion.

Enjoy this Advent week of Love.

Here's a few of today's shots to get you in the mood for some spiced eggnog and Bing crooning White Christmas.  Only six more sleeps!!!!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Weather Outside is Frightful!

First Place Winner!

Although it's still fairly mild in Southern Ontario, it's been snowing and blowing in Alberta where my Grands live.  Check out Grand #1 in her polar bear hat and long hair.  She's staying warm despite the wind chill!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Open Mouth. Change Feet.

Swaddled in a big winter coat, hat and scarf, she was a slo-mo video of ambulation:
Left foot planted,
Right foot dragged up to match,
Cane moved forward,
Contracted right arm frozen in place across her middle.






Progress was painfully slow and discouraging to watch.  Wouldn't a wheelchair, or better yet, an electric scooter be a much better option, I asked myself?  But then, I didn't know this Determined-to-be-ABLE lady.  I came alongside to see if she needed assistance.

"No thanks.  I'm almost there," she said.

I pulled back her hat a smidge off her brow so her eyes were clear of the brim.  Man!  She could barely see where she was going.

We stepped-paused-stepped in sync for a bit, until a gentleman came up and said, "Oh, there you are!"

"Is this your mother," I asked, giving him my most winning smile?

He made a noise somewhere between a choke and a gasp.  "She's too young to be my mother.  She's my wife and I am older than she is."

G R O A N.

Floor, please swallow me whole.  I'm dying, or want to be.  A classic example of assumptions made, not looking beyond the immediately obvious, to see the real person in front of me.  Is there forgiveness for even this????

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Oh, Oh!

I have done the unforgivable:  I've messed with my blog space.

Now my friends are not able to get to my page, or at least not as easily.  Somehow, they are being asked to sign up with Google Chrome.  All I did was make one small change and now everything in my online world is upside down.  Has anyone else had this issue?  I don't even know how to undo what I did.


Monday, December 3, 2012

In The Dark

We greeted our first REAL snow fall with joy!  Our house was cozy and warm, a white blanket muffling the outside world.  It was starting to feel like Christmas.

And then...

the power went out.

Because I had prepared for Hurricane Sandy several weeks ago, we made a smooth transition from watching TV to reading in bed, complete with candles and flashlights.

Here is my offering for Black and Whites at Like Christmas Everyday.
Second Place Winner.
Please click on the photo to enlarge :)

What do you do when the power cuts out?  Are you prepared???