I Love Quilting

This one is called Fairies Among Us.  A lap-sized quilt, too cute to do anything with.
It hangs over the back of the chair in my office.
This is the one I made for my second grand child.

I often do the actual quilting on my machine. 

And then there are times I do it the old fashioned way.
I am really hoping, and saving towards, getting a long-arm machine with a full quilting table.

 This is my all-time-favourite quilt.  I designed it myself, hand pieced it and  hand quilted it on a hoop frame.  Can you tell how very proud I am of this one?
 So far, it doesn't have a name.

"Around the World" quilts are done in a specific way, by making circles of strips of alternate fabrics, cutting and sewing them on a rotating basis, one square different each time.  You sort of have to be there to really understand it...or I need to do better explainations..... :)

My Pfaff Quilting Expressions machine allows this kind of embroidery.  Great for making my own labels.

A mini quilt.  I use it as a seat cover on my office chair.

Sonny Boy gave me a "jelly roll" of co-ordinated fabrics for Christmas a few years ago, and this is what became of it.

This pieced top is waiting for quilting when I get my "long arm"

A birthday gift to an old friend (minus the dog)

Here you can see the free-motion machine quilting that I am able to do on my own small machine.

This is the current project. It has been on the go for over a year now. It is a super-king-sized quilted bed cover. When asked recently when I wanted to have it finished, I replied, "Somewhere in this life time."

There are other projects in the works at all times.
Recently our church began a Prayers and Squares Quilt Ministry, where we give a cozy blankie to people who are going thru a hard time.  We make the quilts and have congregation members pray for the recipient while tying the quilt.

With left-over fabrics, and some donated yardage, I designed this quilt for the Prayers and Squares Ministry.

Using this quilt as the "prototype", I tried out a new method of binding.
Two colours are joined and folded so one, the accent colour, peeks out from under the primary one.

Opposite to the way traditional binding is applied, this method begins by machine stitching it onto the back side first.

It is finished off by rolling it to the front and stitching "in the ditch" to attach it by machine.

I think it looks like a double-matted picture.

Using a thick fleece for the back, no batting was necessary as a middle layer.
The quilting gives the back a pleasing design.

I am naming this quilt "HopScotch".

Same song, second verse...I call this one "Pretty in Pink".

The Beatitudes Quilt for Grand #1

The Pinwheel Jigsaw Puzzle of my own design

This is the first quilt I worked on with my new long arm machine....fun!