Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Disaster Strikes

 Sometimes, when one thing goes wrong, it seems to spiral out of control, sucking everything into its swirling vortex of misery.   On the other hand, sometimes a terrible wrong magically dissolves away into a minor inconvenience.

Far from home, in another country even, alone with a fully packed, broken-down vehicle, I sat waiting on AAA for rescue.  My cell phone languished in the EBS Building Supplies office sucking up a charge while I waited outside.  In the parking lot, the bedding plants in the payload of the truck panted thirstily for attention.  The wood glue to repair a broken plant-stand, the spray paint for refurbishing a kitchen container, the stove black for the rusty Franklin stove in the cottage, the fabric to recover and re-pad the Chalet chairs all waited helplessly, like me.   All the projects back at the cottage in Cape Rosier, needing to be accomplished by this weekend, got to wait too.

Back on the home front, Hubby was “working the wood”, out of range of the phone in the house or the garage.  He was expecting me back hours before this and had no idea of my troubles.  Eventually, I imagined, he would notice my extended absence and try to reach me on the dead cell phone. 

One Big Thing was in my favour:  AAA recognized and honoured CAA.  Hurrah!  (pictures not available at this time.)

The rain held off and I was in no imminent peril.  It wasn’t really THAT bad, but truly inconvenient, AND I had to pee.  Time and money could solve these problems.  I would live to see another day. 

Yes, Jane, I made it to Maine, careening from one adventure to another.

Less than 24 hours later, we got the call from Darlings Auto Mall GMC Dealership in Ellsworth where my disabled Sierra Truck had been towed.  Mike Ellis Service Advisor, a true “darling”, called to say:

1.     Your five-year, extended warranty ran out today—one day after you brought us your truck.

2.     Your truck registers 158,388 km. and so sneaks under the 160,000 km. warranty limit.

3.     The $1500.00 repairs to your vehicle are totally covered.

4.     The charge for the rental car we gave you to get back and forth to your cottage 25 miles away is also covered.

5.     You can come pick up your truck now.

Now doesn’t that sound just like magic?  


Janeofaustralia said...

Woo hoo fabulous outcome indeed.
Is that me you are talking to?
I'm excited you have arrived safely.
I must check a map.

Pat Tillett said...

Oh yeah! Good things happen to good people who appreciate it. That is THE secret. I'm happy for you...

Unknown said...

what a fabulous outcome for an ugly situation. Glad everything worked out in the end!

Karen Whittal said...

Someone is looking out for your..... we serve an amazing God

Veronica Lee said...

Yes!! I am so happy for you, Rosemary.

Liz Mays said...

Wow! By the skin of your teeth....