Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Provisioning 101

It has begun.  It usually never ends, but at least we are making headway in the storing-up-for-later department.  Now’s our chance to stock up and find a place for all the basic foods, meds, supplies and WINE we will not be able to get in the islands for the next three months.  Our freezers are now replete with red meat.  Innumerable bottles/cases of wine have been squirreled away in every nook and cranny, even in the underwear drawers. Last year, we ran out—horrors!!!  There is no fear of THAT happening again.

Steadfast had been scoured and scrubbed, polished and shined and was gleaming a warm welcome when we boarded her after our three day drive south. Ah…home away from home.  During the last 9 months, our baby was at the mercy of THE YARD, hereafter referred to as “They lost my salon carpet!”  She was stripped bare, inside and out, getting refits and maintenance.  After 12 years, some essentials were definitely ready for attention, like the injectors on the engines (read: mega big job).

Buz is currently working on the tank tenders (gages that monitor fuel and water levels).  Looks like he will have to run 5 new hoses the entire length of the boat.  Can you hear him screaming from where you are?  On Thursday he will receive the new membrane for the water maker that he has deemed necessary, after consultation with the Spectra rep who arrived late last evening to deliver filters.  These are issues that must be addressed this side of the Gulf Stream and must be done before we leave, in order to survive on the other side.  Ah well…at least we are not shoveling snow while these things keep us in the marina.

The weather is windy and unsettled with lots of rain.  There will be no setting sail (even though we are a motor vessel) in the foreseeable future.

In the meantime, I have tickets to see/hear the Canadian Brass Ensemble on Wednesday evening at the Lyric Theater.   Yeah!!  Imagine coming to America to appreciate this Canadian National Treasure.   Nelson is making friends and enjoying the boardwalk and parks nearby.   Life is good on board Steadfast.  As you shovel and slog ashore, remember us in our salty life and say a prayer for safety and peace (no cabin fever or ague of any kind).  We'll chat again soon and I will tell you all about the theatre.  Right now, we off to our first "sundowners" of the season.  Yes, it begins.  :)


Manzanita said...

WOW, that is "some" preparation. Do you mean you won't be on land for 3 months? No, that can't be right. But you'll be in a nice, warm climate. Soon you'll be off on another winter's adventure. I wish you the best.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea, I guess non-boat-owning-folk wouldn't know. Amazing.

Sush said...

Yay you're getting ready for new adventures and I'm back from my somewhat chosen somewhat forced blog hiatus just in time!

Looking forward to catching up on all your news now that I'm not having to try and squint via an iPhone.
Hope your skies are full of red sunsets...I'll be reading!