Sunday, March 17, 2013

Martini for Fish

We left Compass Cay this morning for Highbourne Cay, just at the change of tide.
-Let's do a little fishing, we thought.

Rigged the lines, set the drag, hadn't even sat down yet and the first line got a hit--a big one!  As I was busy reeling in the first fish, a second one hit the other line.  Two fish at once.  The whole things was over in ten minutes.  Talk about "a little fishing"!

When Berlin, our waiter at lunch, asked if I would like a cocktail, I proposed a trade:  one Mahi for one Martini.  He was quick to take me up on my deal.

It's hard to say what I was most pleased with:  the free martini or the fact that I didn't have to clean the fish I gave away.  What a fun day!  What did you do for St. Patrick's Day?  Did you drink green beer?  Wear green garb?  Twirl a shileighly?   (sp?  Peter will have to help me with this one.)

See you "down-island" as they say here.


Veronica Lee said...

I would have traded the fish for the martini too!

St Patrick's day is not celebrated here!

Unknown said...

Sweet trade!

Pat Tillett said...

Good fishing Rosemary! He might have given you two!

Unknown said...

Awesome trade!