Saturday, June 8, 2013

From East to West and Back Again

Weddings always give us an excuse to travel to fun places and enjoy the scenery, besides the joy of the celebrations that go with the whole enchilada!  Hubby and I met up in Denver for the festivities and then drove on west to Breckenridge in Summit County to visit our old haunts from "back-in-the-day".  Thirty seven years ago, we skied the hills every weekend of winter, tromped the trails in spring and fall and pretended to be cowboys.

click on photos to enlarge and truly enjoy!

Good bye Maine...see you soon.

The Brown Palace in Denver--120 years old and still going strong.  This was the venue for the wedding.

Breckenridge ski slopes, much enlarged since the 70's.

Our buddies hosted us in their delightful log home, and toured us around the high country to see the sights.  We stopped off here for a little liquid refreshment.

Sam's over-the-top-beautiful log home.

The Pine Beetle killed off huge portions of the Lodge Pole Pine forests here recently, but the Aspen trees are as gorgeous as ever!

Sam introduced us to his burrow named Flap Jack.  My goodness, Flap, you have such a BIG head!!!

Pack mules, trail horses, and draft horses all came to Sam's whistle.  Cookies for horses!

 After the NO TRESPASSING sign, this is the one you get to see next on Sam's ranch.
Are you smiling?  After this is a hand gun mounted on a plaque and the words, "We don't call 911."  The Wild West.

I so loved this hat.  Maybe next time.

I only took 408 photographs over the weekend, but I guess these few will give you the idea.

Back to Maine, and we switched gears again.  Now I am playing FARMER!

It's all about having fun, one day at a time, even today, as I sit indoors at my computer and Mother  Nature douses us with another deluge.  The grass is growing and the fresh-baked cookies are a hit with the little ones (the big ones too).  :)  How is your weekend going?  I hope you are living, loving and laughing and looking forward to what comes next.

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