Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Stonington in the Fog

Our summer was so incredibly busy--living, loving, laughing with our kids and grands for over three months--it is only now that I can sit back and peruse my collection of photos, remembering the happy days not too long ago.

Captain Gail was my partner-in-crime on this outing.  It was too foggy to go by boat, so we packed up the car for a day of adventure.

Stonington is a town in Hancock County, Maine, United States, located on the southern portion of the island of Deer Isle. The population was 1,043 at the 2010 census. Wikipedia 

Established in the 1600's, Stonington is one of the oldest fishing villages in America.  A visit here is like walking back into history: the meandering streets with no predictable patterns, the old, colourful houses facing the sea so returning sailors could pick out their family homes from afar off, the schooners at anchor off shore, the grizzled fishermen plying their trade, even in today's unforgiving economic climate, just as they have done for centuries.

She looks like a ghost ship, elusive in the mist...

The islands seem to be floating over the water-- neat mirage effect of the fog.

So how about you?  Are you back into the swing of fall in suburbia?  What are your favourite summer memories this year?

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