Monday, October 14, 2013

Eternity Now

Is it impossible, seeing eternity in today?

The human mind is rooted in the present, geared to live now.  The psyche takes license and worries over past wrongs, refusing to let go...or...worries over the future, struggling to see the ground ahead before taking the next step.  A swing in either direction is an aberration from our human design.  If groundedness is being at peace in the now, how is seeing eternity a good thing?

In moments of panicked hysteria, dear friend Donna asks me,

-What difference will this make in 100 years?

Good question, but one I usually sloughed off with,

-I don't care!  I'm hysterical right now!!

It has taken 60+ years for me to see that I "like" to feel anxious, worried, agitated, angry over the past or the imagined future.  I revel in my emotions, ignoring reality of solid facts.

A view of eternity, from where I stand today, gives me the perspective of history's hindsight and the promise of something to look forward to, if I allow it.  When I see today's issues in light of eternity, I can take time to breath, refocus and reconsider. light of eternity, or at least the next generation or two....we made some memories this weekend.  It has been a splendid celebration of Thanksgiving, with the whole family in attendance.  There were cousins bonding, dogs barking, children screaming, adults sighing, bellies bulging, friends rolling their eyes and so much love and blessings.  Here's hoping your weekend was a wonderful as ours was.

This was the only one of 15 shots where no one was moving, crying or had their eyes closed!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

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