Friday, April 11, 2014

Resurrection Sunday

On Good Friday, Mum and I read the scriptures promising Jesus coming back from the grave.  (I read; she was hopefully hearing/listening.)  As we face Easter Sunday, we focus on Jesus’ resurrection, His victory over death and the glory He now enjoys in heaven at the right hand of the Father. 

Easter is so pivotal to Christianity; we would have nothing to hold on to without it.  Our faith is pointless unless we have a living Lord to cling to.  Magical thinking is fruitless, but a faith based on solid, historical fact can withstand the toughest testings.

It’s been over a week now that we have been anticipating the end of Mum’s sojourn on earth.  A week of tears, smiles, happy memories and some fear—what a roller coaster of emotions.  Because we know Jesus is alive, has gone to glory to prepare a place for us to be with Him and is waiting to greet Mum on the other side, the fear is unfounded. 
                              *       *      *       *       *
I just found these three paragraphs as I was sorting thru the document files on my computer.  I wrote this two years ago.  Mum, who was born on Christmas Day, died on Easter Monday, 2012.  I grew up seeing Mum reading her bible, praying and invoking the name of Jesus at every opportunity.  I reminded her of those years of faith as she was near the end.  It was a difficult passing, at least for those of us waiting and watching, but when it came at last, it was peaceful.  I have confident assurance that she is with Jesus now, at peace and in glory, her sufferings over.  

We miss you, Mum, and look forward to being reunited On That Day!

He is Risen,
He is Risen Indeed!

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