Monday, December 1, 2014

PS. I Have More to Say.

When I published my last post, I felt there was still more to say; about the tongue-in-cheek signs warning trespassers.

Yes, I get the joke, but I'm not laughing.  Yes, Trespassers should be warned away.  Yes, legal discharge of firearms for hunting and target practice have a place in our world.  But.... NO.... Laughing about killing trespassers, shooting survivors, and deadly force being quicker than a 911 response is not a good, or acceptable thing.

As Canada welcomes Bass Pro Shop to our home towns, we want to have it known that we decry the human tragedy of killing people.  Each and every shooting, accidental or intentional, takes a bite out of our hearts, as individuals, as communities and as a nation.  We grieve with those who grieve.  We pray for peace.  We do not celebrate a culture of guns for guns' sake.

To the store managers and CEO of Bass Pro Shop, we would say:  These signs promote a culture of killing.  Shooting deaths are never funny.  Bass Pro Shop supports safe and legal use of firearms, either at the range or in the wild.  These signs in juxtaposition to their reputation for good sportsmanship sends a contradictory message.  Please rethink this situation and do the right thing.

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