Monday, March 22, 2010

Following Seas

No land in sight.  The boat slews hard to starboard as we slide sideways down a six footer, then digs in hard to port in correction.  Making 14 - 16 knots uphill and 22.5 knots going down, the engines at 26 rpms, the autopilot fully engaged, our wake snakes ess curves from the stern.  The 3000+ foot depths of the N.W.Providence Channel are indigo-blue topped with white caps.  The prop wash foams a pale blue-green trail of our progress.  We scare up flying fish who break long distance records to stay well clear of our path.

Below decks, chairs topple, books fly off the shelves, drawers and lockers not clamped down spill out their contents.  Captain and crew swallow anti-emetics "just in case".  Nelson is not impressed.

We are heading north, endeavouring to make Freeport ahead of Monday's expected cold front.  Underway at 6:24 am, we slog our way through these turbulent seas for 81/2 hours before making landfall 114 nautical miles away.  If we could follow a straight line from point A to point B, the tally would be less, but the zigzagging, the up and downing, the oh, I'm going to barf now.....add to the miles.

Our safe arrival has landed us in Grand Bahama Yacht Club once again.  Hallelujah!

Sorry to report, word pictures will have to suffice, as our computer has turned up its toes and died an inglorious death.  I am posting from a terminal in the marina office in the meantime, no camera, no photoshop.  How  dependent one becomes on the technologies-of-daily-living in the 21st century!

Weather looks to be improving enough to allow for a Gulf Stream crossing by Wednesday.  The new plan is to make for River Forest Marina in Stuart and put the boat in storage until next fall.   I am sure to be able to post more before the ultimate "good bye".  Until next time, may you sail with fair winds and light seas.

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