Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Island Time

Today a man’s tee shirt logo caught my eye:

“I’m on Island Time”

Hey World, that’s me and my computer too. To begin with, my laptop is very old (in techno terms) and extremely slow. Add to that, a home base that rocks, rolls and drifts in and out of wifi reception. Some days/weeks, Steadfast is completely out of range altogether. Pile on paying exorbitant fees for minutes and mega bites and you might begin to understand the issues of Island Blog Frustration I am dealing with here. Did I mention, speedy follow-me-I’ll-follow-you types pick me up and drop me after a measly 24 hours if they haven’t received a favourable reply by then? Often, it’s all I can do to check the email before the whole shebang seizes up and I run screaming from the desk.  That's when I remember where I am and all the other fun things I can do  instead of fighting with a machine and the WWW.
One thing I have to keep reminding myself is that not all of the bloggers out there are living in Suburbia, USA/Canada. Some live on the other side of the globe, some blog from the mountains, some from deserts, and some like me, from boats at sea. I haven’t come across any from outer space yet, but that is only a matter of time, I’m sure. It’s fun to meet people from afar, to learn what life is like where they live. We all inhabit different realities.

Just to let you know, my computer and I are on Island Time. Please deal gently with us.

What about you:  do you have a pet-peave with blogging?


Pat Tillett said...

Oh yes! I hate having to jump through so many hoops to leave some people a comment!
Between the:
action graphics
imbedded comment area
It takes too much time!
Your's is how it should be...

Empty Nester said...

I jumped over here to see if you had any pix of those big waves you mentioned!

We are very familiar with Island time. We attended church on Sullivan's Island for over 10 years and that's where we learned all about Island time- it was quite frustrating for about 9 of those ten years. LOL

Roy and Christine said...

At the risk of sounding smug, Christine and I enjoy blogging. We write our stories mainly for ourselves as a diary or documentation of what we did/when. Our memories are such that we often refer to a particular blog to recall the event and keep our facts straight.

I am sure when you have good computer connections that you can look back at some of your activity with fond memories. Keep it up. We enjoy your memories.

Unknown said...

Oh I wish I could be on island time too! I guess you need to be on an island for that though?

Enjoy your time!

Unknown said...

I say let your blogging be at your own speed. :)

My only big pet peeve is word verification.

Manzanita said...

I guess I have a couple pet peeves. I agree with Wombat Central in word verification. Most bloggers are getting rid of it (thank heavens) and music blasting the minute you hit their post. OMG I scramble for the button, if there is one. Very offensive. I don't mind videos that you can choose to play or not to play.
Have a fun weekend doing what you most enjoy.
Love and peace.