Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spring Has Sprung

 My tulips opened beauties...a glorious affirmation of Spring!

The birds are back, and wearing their courting clothes!

Inland, away from the cooler temperatures near the lake, the orchards have put on their annual display.

The heady bouquet of the blossoms has my head spinning!!

Bee-tempting...glorious adornment of the apple trees.

Even Nelson knows these trees will give us a bounty of delicious, juicy delectables.

For the present, he's happy to romp around in the freedom of the open orchard spaces.


Wouldn't you just love to build your home in an orchard? Smell the perfume.  Be lullaby-serenaded by bird song.

Maybe I could tempt you to move into my front yard....

Along with the joys, here come the not-so-joyous signs of spring.
I'll take dandelions over snow storms any day!

How are things spring-like progressing in your neck of the woods?  I know it's still snowing drifts and banks all over the western half of the country, but maybe this post will give you hope.  Spring will always make her appearance...eventually.

Many blessings on all my blogging buddies.  May we all live each day as it finds us, striving for meaning and purpose in all we do.

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