Friday, July 19, 2013

Island Hopping 101

First off, I just have to publish a rave for DelMonte Sun Fresh Red Grapefruit.  Yes, I'm raving!  We can't keep enough on hand to meet the demand, now that Hubby has joined me in my addiction.  Every day for breakfast, lunch, bedtime get the picture.  If you don't, here's one for you:

Now on to the task at hand...Island Hopping.

 There were 3 adults and 2 little ones on board as we got under way, south, towards Stonington--our first island excursion with Pescatora.  Getting used to a new chart plotter and GPS autopilot was a little daunting.  There were a few temper tantrums and hissy fits on my part, and several adjustments in attitude and humour on everyone elses' part as we got into the groove, but after an hour or so, things smoothed out nicely.  The weather was most co-operative and continues to be, as we climb the learning curve of the new boat.  Banks Cove 22

We dodged forests of lobster bouys (or as Grand #3 first called them, Monster Lullabies).

We arrived at our destination on a rising tide, buried our anchor in a sand spit and kept careful watch as the water level rose.  The consensus is that the plow anchor is not a good one for this size boat.  We all prefer different shapes and designs.  Another thing on the list to change and customize our craft.

Little Camp Island, off Stonington, is mostly granite, covered with wild roses, daisies and orange lichen.  Click on photos to enlarge and truly get the scope of the beautiful scenery.

Lunch time rolled around and out came the picnic.

Grand #4 was enthralled with the stinky tidal pools.  The water was warm and littered with crab and mollusk shells.

The beach wasn't sand, but pulverized shell with drifts of seaweed.

Aunty Gail was much in demand with the little ones.

Low tide allowed us an easy circumnavigation of the island on foot.  During our walk, we found three washed up lobster bouys that had been cut from their lines and mangled by boat props--keepers!

What a thrill to be able to move across the water, play with the porpoise and seals, and see new sights.  The boat has really opened up our ability to explore our area of Maine in new ways.  Now this blog is a boating blog summer AND winter.

There seem to be extremes of heat and/or precipitation all across the globe right now.  Mother Nature is unsettled.  I guess we just take what we get and enjoy it as best we can--not a difficult job for us right now.  :)    How is summer going for you?  Are you sweltering in the heat?  Finding new ways to stay cool?  Any summer projects on the go?

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