Monday, August 5, 2013

Big, Beautiful Blueberries

We had a full day, playing in the sun and getting FAT!

 Our friends, Polly and Don, opened their Blue Berry Fields to the crowds for the Brooksville Library Benefit.  See Grand #3 in the orange hat???  He sat and picked and ate, and picked and ate, and picked and ate for a good long time.

The harvest is plentiful this year.  They say it's because of all the rain.  I guess there is a silver/blue lining in those clouds after all.

John, the octogenarian, was auctioneer for the donated desserts.  One cobbler went for $100.00!!!  My humble "Especially Dark" Chocolate Cake garnered $30.00 for the Library coffers.

This is what we took home.  Ooooooh so good!

After naps, it was beach time.

Some of us even got in the water...the COLD MAINE OCEAN!

When we eat our veggies, we get dessert.

This little man has discovered gourmet heaven.

He is now a connoisseur.

Nothing like digging in with two hands!

"Look at my blue tongue, Grandma Roe!"

For the past two nights, we've had dramatic thunder and lightning storms right at supper time.
Short and sweet.

The days are flying by.  It's bitter-sweet to realize that we are now well into August. Only another five weeks until we'll have to close up for the season. 

You can tell I've been engulfed with life--no time to write or post anything.  I'm having too much fun to document it all.  I hope this glimpse of life on the Cape brings a smile to your heart, as it does mine.


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