Monday, December 30, 2013

Running Wild

The Post-Christmas mania at Best Buy was worse than "Black Friday".  We ventured into the chaos to return a point-and-shoot camera that hadn't lived up to its hype.  We gravitated towards the Apple displays.  Lo and behold, we came home with a new Ipad for Rosemary!

Couldn't wait to play with it.  
Scrabble download.  
Sudoku download.  
Skype download.  
And then the books..... Now I won't have to carry a trunk-load of books with me to the Bahamas.

I started reading a sample of an action-thriller and HAD to pay the $1.99 to see what happened next.  I was swept into the storyline immediately and before I knew it, several hours had passed.  Yes, it's just like reading a real book.  It's is even better than a real book though.  When I came to a new concept, I just tapped the screen and got to learn all about "Parkour Free Running".

Hubby and I call them "Flying Ninjas" when we see those Dragon movies on TV.  I had thought it was all trick photography, but this makes me rethink.  Check out the video and be prepared to cringe, gasp, shriek and laugh.  You'll love it!

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