Saturday, January 17, 2015

Old Bahama Bay

We've been here in Old Bahama Bay for six nights.  Calm, peaceful, rainy, blowy.... R&R.

Tomorrow, we leave at 8 am.  We are shipshape and bristol for the morrow.  Our aim is Chubb Cay and then on to Nassau, but you never know.  We may bail at Lucaya.  Right now, we have wifi, so I thought a little update and a picture or two would be in order.  The further "down island" we get, the worse the internet service becomes.

 Thursday night, no filters.
(click to enlarge and truly enjoy the picture)

Saturday night, starburst filter.  We have front row seats to the Creation Story here!

We'll be having breakfast on the fly bridge in the morning as we get underway.
Wish me luck in the sea sick department.  It's early in the season for me and I am susceptible to the worst of it now. Things do get better as the season progresses, but for now, I grow pale at the very thought!

Good bye and God bless to my friend Nemo, who left this mortal world today.  He will be missed, but eternally loved.  Strength and peace to those who loved him most.


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