Monday, January 9, 2012

Old Bahama Bay

Lunch was the remains of the TooJays Gourmet Deli takeaway.  Soooo yummy. 
We settled up with the marina manager from River Forest Yacht Center

Down the St. Lucie River and through the locks, along with two of the biggest Manatees I've ever seen.  White Egrets and Blue Herons watched our locking techniques as we were the last to enter to Portside after three sail boats and the first to leave after the Manatees had a head start.
 Sorry, no pics of the Manatees--I was too busy holding lines and fending off the lock walls.

ooo...ahhhh...seeing how the other half lives....

Across the InterCoastalWaterway...

and out to sea.

The initial plan was to make the three mile limit, test the macerators, check all running gear and then head west to a Palm Beach marina until the next good weather window for crossing the Gulf Stream should present itself.

Two o'clock, calm seas, clear skies, light wind out of the East, and Captain says,

-Let's do it.
-What?  Right now????
-Why not?  If we don't go now, it will be several more days here.
-Do we have enough fuel to make it?  Isn't it too late in the day to start across?

And so, on to plan B.
A four - five hour crossing.
As the sun was setting in the west at 5:30pm,  the full moon emerged from the sea on the East.

Full dark by 6 pm.

-long pause-

We homed in on the flashing markers to Old Bahama Bay Marina at West End.  A helpful dockhand stayed late to welcomed us, catch our lines and receive a hefty tip.  We made it in time for a late supper of fresh fish and good white wine in the marina restaurant.  I think we may be eating too well so far.  Things tend to change as the larder gets bare over the weeks away from grocery stores, delis and restaurants.  We'll be down to beans on toast in no time.  (Don't believe it!)

It's quiet here, a gentle, peaceful beginning to our winter adventure.  Nelson has found the beach and is one very happy dog.  I have already found two new items for my annual shells collection.  Captain has begun his routine of boat chores.  
Everyone is happy.


Unknown said...

Ooohhh...sounds lovely.
Peaceful and relaxing!

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

Beautiful pictures, that sunset was phenomenal. I wish I were a little birdie on your boat. What fun!

Southhamsdarling said...

Lovely photos for us today, and I'm sure we're all very envious of your winter adventure!! Sounds idyllic. That sunset was awesome!!

Menopausal New Mom said...

That is so beautiful! I love the beach houses and the sunset is stunning. Up here, we are just settling in for a long Winter, I have the wood stove fired up and I'm dreaming of sun, sand and beaches looking at your photos.

Manzanita said...

I'm happy you enjoy your winters on the water. It must take a lot of preparation and organization to take such long holidays. We lived in Florida for 25 years with the water next to our front yard. Enjoy your winter. Love, Manzanita

Teena in Toronto said...

I wanna live there!

Shell said...

What a beautiful day!

Pearl said...

I hope you love your life as much as I love reading about it!


Roy and Christine said...

Great start on your new adventure. Looking forward to your stories.

Veronica Lee said...

Stunning pics!! I wanna join you!!!

Pat Tillett said...

This is that time of year, when I become very jealous of you!!!
I hope you catch good weather all the way down!