Sunday, July 10, 2011


I’m not a morning person. I’m not great at late nights either. I guess I’m a middle-of-the-day kind. As daylight hits my face, I slowly surface to awareness, quietly, peacefully. Propped up on pillows with a good novel for and hour or so is my preferred first activity of the day.

Hubby, on the other hand, lives for breakfast. He leaps from his bed and has coffee on the go before I’ve even opened my eyes. He plans his first meal of the day the night before. His ritual involves certain foods on certain days. The highlight of his week is French Toast Saturday.

He goes out for breakfast.

During the Monday to Friday grind, he’s coming back from the local greasy spoon as I am just showing my face. On weekends, he inveigles upon me to join him in what he considers the most civilized cultural foray into the day—breakfast at Rosie’s. Today I relented and went along.

Oh my gosh! The owners, servers and several patrons beamed wide grins and hollered greetings as we came through the door. Groan. Already I heard my pillows, duvet and book calling me back.
One egg, no bread, no potatoes, no meat. Herbal tea—a big pot. No. Nothing else, thank you. No. Really.

Chatter, clatter, crash. Noise of a busy, early morning diner is not my thing. I look around. Every combination of breakfast companions is represented:
A father with small daughter was doing the French toast, slurping syrup and dunking crusts in the milk.


Yoga buddies, mats rolled up and nesting under their table, their pink, body hugging outfits revealing they do not have to hold back on the Eggs Benny. Loaded fork poised, knife gesturing menacingly, the two-fisted eater was intensely engaged in conversation.

Say what? I’m still asleep.

Beside us, an older couple is starting the day with their married children. The smart phone is being passed around their table displaying the latest photos.

Show and tell. I need my glasses.

A senior lady breaking her fast alone, reclined in her booth, her arm stretched out along the back of the bench. She cleaned her teeth with her tongue and engaged another single lady nearby, discussing the weather.

I’ll water the flowers when I get home. Please hurry with the tea. Please.

By the window, a young family. The only one awake at that table was the two year old in the booster seat. He was alive and on fire. Dad had that vacant look of insomnia and inertia with which I could totally relate.

Slow down—we have all day.

So, who among you is a morning person? Do you do breakfast or brunch? They charge extra for brunch, don’t ya know?


Anonymous said...

I am up by 5:30 - 6:00ish (including weekends) showered and shaved and making my coffee by 7:00. Large glass of either tomato juice or grape guice with my granola or plain greek yogurt w/ fruit and wheat germ. Every big breakfasts..rarely 2 eggs over hard and maybe once in a while blueberry pancakes w/ no syrup :-) when we go out. Never eat french toast.
During the week sitting at my desk in my home office by 7:30. Weekends at market by then :-)

Unknown said...

As a hypoglycemic food rules me. Protein sustains my sanity.
I am an early morning person, if I go past an hour without eating, I can not function in a human way.
Such is the life of hypoglycemics.
Myy energy is the highest the first half of the day.

Veronica Lee said...

I'm not a morning-person either but I can stay up super late! I hit the sack after 2:00 AM!

Have a nice day, sweet lady!

Unknown said...

Yes, my hubby does not set the table the night before like yours.... but only because i'm not ready for that yet, lol.

I'm not such a brekkie person-- i like to be up an hour or so before eating.

Anonymous said...

How funny, Boyfriend does breakfast too. I'm much more of a waffle at night kinda girl.... mmmmm waffles.

Tami said...

I LOVE breakfast! but not before 10:00. I don't mind getting out of bed - I just stumble to the kitchen to make coffee, then sit at the table reading a book. You're right - best way to start the day. It's the getting "presentable" part I don't like. I've been doing hair and makeup for about 35 years now. I'm over it.

I am a firm believer that there are plenty of good, usable hours in the day - there is no need to use the ones before 9:00 AM!